a dream on the coast

Positano is simply the pearl of the Amalfi Coast, not only for its many terraces, stairways and colorful houses, but also for the emotions it can convey to those who visit.

Developed mainly vertically, the town of Positano is most famous for shopping, in fact there are really numerous boutiques and craft stores in Positano that still make custom-made sandals, as in the 1960s.

positano fashion

Beyond the beauty of its beaches, which is universally recognized, Positano is frequented by people from all over the world and from the most diverse lifestyles.In the famous 1960s, in fact, the town discovered and experimented with the interesting phenomenon of "Positano Fashion."

not to be missed...

Positano's main beaches are the Spiaggia Grande and Fornillo, both of which can be reached on foot from the town center, with the remainder only by sea.

Beyond the universally recognized beauty of its beaches, Positano is frequented by people from all over the world; it is not uncommon to meet movie stars on vacation or to see the yachts of the wealthiest tycoons of the new economy.

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